07 Dec VAT Record Keeping

A VAT Registered business must issue VAT invoices. These rules are for businesses which don’t use the VAT Margin Scheme. Valid invoices must be on paper, or issued electronically. You must keep a record of the invoices issued, even if you write one out by mistake,...

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21 Oct VAT for Charities: What you Need to Know

VAT treatment for not-for-profit organisations and charities can be a challenging area for both accountants and the organisations. Below, we clarify some key issues related to the topic.   What is Charity? Charities are often mixed with the term not-for-profit organisation, although there is no strict reference to...

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04 Sep VAT Recharge Scheme: FAQs

Following our article regarding the VAT Recharge Scheme put in action January 1, 2015, where we provided you with the basics of the new legislation, here are the most frequently asked questions answered by our accounting specialists. Q: I have a small business that sells both...

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